Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs )


  1. Q) Do you offer regular chess classes in the academy?

Ans:No at this moment we are offering only online chess training

  1. Q) What is the class duration?

Ans: Each class will comprise of one practical session and one training period. Duration of the class is 2 hours : one  hour is for training period and if the student desires we can offer another one hour of training for practical sessions. Further, every student is encouraged to play chess games with fellow students on selected methods given by the coaches for any number of hours.


  1. Q) What are the courses offered?
Sl no. Name of the Course. Duration of the course Remarks
1. Black knights 3-4 months For starters
2. Rainbow knights


12-16 months  


Minimum for 4-6months of chess training and practical knowledge  is a pre requisite for attending this course.



a. Violet knights
b. Indigo knights
c. Blue knights
d. Green knights
e. Yellow knights
f. Orange knights
g. Red knights
3. Tournament player 4 months This is the final part of beginners course. After this course a student is ready to compete in District and State Level Tournaments. Academy children have won several tournaments at this stage.

Ans:  Our courses are categorized as following:


  1. Q) How to know who are the good coaches?

Ans: World Chess Federation’s (FIDE) FIDE trainers’ commission has embarked upon identifying coaches in the following levels;

  1. FIDE Trainer ( Should have reached a rating of level of 2480 and must have produced several outstanding Grand Masters or International Masters under his training. This is the highest award given to a trainer by World Chess Federation. Incidentally your Academy Convener & International Master Lanka Ravi is one of the few trainers that this country has today.
  2. FIDE Trainer
  3. Fide Instructor

World Chess Community feels that any academy should have at least one player of 2300 Fide Rating level to guide the budding players.


  1. Q) What are the prospects to my Child in the game of Chess and what benefits he has to gain.

Ans: All India Chess Federation and World Chess Federation organizes Age group tournaments in World Level and National Level. These are the following age groups:

  1. U-7
  2. U-9
  3. U-11
  4. U-13
  5. U-15
  6. U-17
  7. U-19
  8. U-25

And Open category events for both Men and Women. Women players are allowed to participate in both men and women categories


Chess is a recognized game by Government of India and many students in India have benefited from playing the game as it helped them in their education and obtaining seats in coveted institutions in professional courses.



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