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Our Approach

The need for Children to Learn Chess Learning is unquestionable.
Chess is an exercise of infinite possibilities for the mind, one which develops mental abilities used throughout life: concentration, critical thinking, abstract reasoning, problem solving, pattern recognition, strategic planning, creativity, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation, to name a few. Chess can be used very effectively as a tool to teach problem solving and abstract reasoning.

Hence, Cyber Chess Academy developed a Chess education model, navigated the challenges of finding talented players, cultivated relationships with them and created many high performing students. In the process, Cyber Chess Academy has established itself as a Premier Chess Training Institute both in India and abroad.

Our Story

Cyber Chess Academy was established on March 11, 2007 in the presence of Super Grand Masters Alexei Dreev of Russia, Krishnan Sasikiran, Sandipan Chanda, Neelotpal Das and IMS P.Konguvel and V.Koshy. Cyber Chess Academy provides a balanced environment focusing on developing the Chess skills of a Student. We offer comprehensive Chess education through a developmental approach. Our academy strives to nurture and develop the cognitive abilities of children which they use throughout life: concentration, critical thinking, abstract reasoning, problem solving, pattern recognition, strategic planning, creativity, analysis, synthesis and evaluation to name a few. In other words, letting them learn Chess is doing them a favour in the long run.
Founded on the ethos of "Ignited minds at play”, the School nurtures the future of our children through a unique and well-defined curriculum and a dedicated focus on "enjoying & learning by competing".
With an infrastructure that supports excellence in the game of Chess, Cyber Chess Academy provides a world-class facility in Chess learning, complete with a well updated library of books and Chess software, tournament style classroom setting, etc., enabling its students to compete and win in competitions.

The Academy is guided by Mr.Lanka Ravi who is
Asian Gold Medalist
International Chess Master
Senior FIDE Trainer ( World Chess Federation)
FIDE Arbiter and
He also works as Manager (HR) in Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.

Meet the Team

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lankaravi 24

Lanka Ravi

Founder & Convenor



  • International Chess Master & Grand Master Norm Holder
  • Senior FIDE Trainer ( World Chess Federation’s Highest Award)
  • FIDE Arbiter ( World Chess Federation Arbiter)


  • Member of the Expert Committee on Chess  for extending financial assistance to deserving Chess Players from National Sports Development Fund by Sports Authority of India ( 2013 to 2014)
  • Chief Coordinator for All India Chess Federation for International Grand Masters Series Tournaments at Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata during the World Chess Championship match between Viswanathan Anand and Magnus Carlsen.




  • Received Government of India Cash award for Winning Silver Medal in Asian Zonal Championship - Doha, Qatar -1987
  • Received Government of India Cash award for Winning Bronze Medal in Asian Team Chess Championship -Malaysia 1989
  • Received Government of India Cash award for Winning Bronze Medal in Asian Team Chess Championship - Jodhpur, India, 2004
  • Recipient of UGADI Puraskar from the Hands of former Election Commissioner T.N.Seshan by Madras Telugu Academy at Chennai


  • Silver Medal in Asian Zonals, Doha, Qatar 1987
  • Bronze Medal in Asian Team Chess Championship Malaysia,1989
  • Gold Medal in Asian Rapid Chess, Doha, Qatar 1991
  • First Place in Parkway International Chess Tournament, Singapore 1993
  • First Place in International Masters Open Chess Tournament, Singapore 1993
  • Individual Gold Medal in Asian Team Chess Championship 2003 (Board 3)
  • Grand Master Norm in Asian Team Chess Championship, 2003.
  • Indian Team Member in Chess Olympiads 1986 and 1992 along with Viswanathan Anand in the Team
  • Represented India in more than 50 International Chess Tournaments with success in various countries like Russia, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, UAE, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.
  • More details at Annexure-I



  • Coach of the Indian Women Team in the World Team Championship held at Ningbo, China from 1st  to 12th  September 2009.
  • Coach of the Indian Team World Junior Championships, Chotwa Poland from 2nd to 17th Autust 2010. - Ms. Padmini Rout won the Bronze Medal.
  • Coach of the Indian Team in Asian Team Chess Championship held at China from 15th to 27th May, 2012- Silver Medal for the Indian Team
  • Coach of the Indian Team in Asian Continental Championships Manila Philippines from 18th to 26th May, 2013. Adiban Bhaskaran and Mary Ann Gomes qualified for World Cup
  • Coach of the Indian Team Commonwealth Chess Championships Glasgow Scotland from 30th June to 8th July, 2014- Most of the Medals were won by Indians
  • Coach of the Indian Team in Asian Junior Chess Championships- 2015, Bishkek Kyrgyzstan- Our Boys and Girls have won Six Medals in Boys and Girls events.




  • FIDE Lecturer at the FIDE Trainers Seminar Delhi
  • FIDE Chief Lecturer in the FIDE Trainers Seminar at Bhuvaneswar 17th Aug to 19th Aug 2016.


  • Founder of the cyber chess academy
  • Organised Second International Grand Masters Open Chess Tournament at Hyderabad in which players from 15 countries participated – 2013. Total Prize Fund for this tournament was Rs. 15,00,000/-
  • Organised First International Grand Masters Open Chess Tournament at Hyderabad in which players from 11 countries participated – 2006. Total Prize Fund for this tournament was Rs. 8,00,000/-
  • NMDC All India FIDE Rating Chess Tournament – 2012.
  • Organised ONGC Cup All India Fide Rating Chess Tournament - 2010
  • Conducted Indian Junior Team Training Camp – 2010.
  • Conducted monthly tournaments named Zugmongers Chess Tournaments for boys and girls below 20 years of age from 2014 – 2017.
  • Conducted International Chess Training Camp for talented boys and girls by World Junior Girl’s Champion – Vera Nebolsina -WGM of Russia.
  • Organized State Bank of India National Rapid Chess Championship - 2nd June to 6th June 2011.
  • Organized NMDC National Blitz Championship - 2nd June to 6th June 2011.
  • Organised World’s Junior Girls Chess Champion – Vera Nebosina 29th Dec 2010 to 6th Jan 2011 for budding Indian talented players.
  • Organised the Visit of FIDE VICE PRESIDENT Mr. Ali Nihat Yazici of Turkey- Chairperson Chess in School Commission at Hyderabad to implement Chess in Schools Program.
  • Organised Chess Simul of Russian Grand Master Romonov at Hyderabad – June 2011.
  • Organised Grand Master Tornike Sanikidze Chess Training Camp -19th Nov to 24th Nov 2013.
  • Organised Indian Junior Chess Training Camp – Hyderabad 16th Nov to 21st Nov 2010.
  • Organised All India Rating Chess Tournament Tadepalli Gudem 19th July to 25th July 2010.
  • Organised Grand Master Chess Coaching Camp - Elizbar Ubilava from 21st May to 31st May 2009.
  • Organised National Rapid & Blitz Tournament Hyderabad-


  • National Rapid Chess Champion, Tirur 1991
  • National B Chess Champion Ahmedabad- 2006
  • India No 2 from National A Championships 1992 -Patna
  • India No 2 from National A Championships- 1989-Bikaner
  • India No 3 from National A Championship- 1986-Mumbai
  • India No 4 from National A Championship -1987-Tumkur
  • Captain of NLC Team & Winner of the National Team Chess Championship Bangalore
  • More details at Annexure II



Has a total of 32 years of experience in various capacities managing multi-dimensional activities in the field of Administration & Various Sports in ONGC and passionately devoted time and energy for developing own game. Also promoted the game and helped upcoming young players who were financially weak and under privileged.


            Chief Manager (HR)-29TH April 1999 to till Date

  • 2016-17: Presently In the corporate level post as Chief Manager (HR) at Jorhat, Assam as In-charge Administration, Principle Employer, Estate Matters and Sports Coordination.
  • 2014 to 2015: Manager (Human Resources) – Hospitality and Facilities Management at Rajahmundry. Games Coordinator & Sports Coordinator of Rajahmundry Asset, ONGC
  • 2003 to 2005: Officer in Charge ONGC Regional Office ( Liaison Office) Hyderabad.
  • 2003 to 2014: Games Coordinator -Chess at ONGC reporting to General Manager Head Sports, Corporate Sports Division, New Delhi
  • Identified and Nurtured most of the present generation (!) cream of Indian Chess Players like Ms.Padmini Rout, Vidit Gujarathi, Sethuraman., etc



  • As a games coordinator for chess :
  • Chief de Mission Indian Team in World Junior Chess Championships at Poland
  • Organized “Learn Chess from Masters” for the wards of ONGC Employees.
  • Received Award from winning medal from Petroleum Minister at the PSPB function held in New Delhi 2003.
  • Supported the following Chess Players of the country.
  • Players Nurtured:
1. Pendyala Harikrishna Andhra Pradesh International Grand Master
2. Padmini Rout Orissa International Grand Master
3. Aravind Chidambaram Tamil Nadu International Grand Master
4. Karthikeyan Murali Tamil Nadu International Grand Master
5. Vidit Gujarathi Maharastra International Grand Master
6. Debashis Das Orissa International Grand Master
7. VAV Rajesh Andhra Pradesh International Master
8. Mehar Chenna Reddy Andhra Pradesh International Master Norms
9. Gogineni Rohith Andhra Pradesh International Master
10. Lakshmi Sahithi Andhra Pradesh Woman International Master
11. Karthik Andhra Pradesh International Master
12. J.Saranya Tamil Nadu Woman International Master
13. Aryan Chopra Delhi National Age Group Champion
14. Tanishka Kotia Delhi National Girls Champion
15. Raja Ritvik Andhra Pradesh Asian Schools Champion
16. P.Karthikeyan Tamil Nadu International Chess Master
17. Srija Seshadri Tamil Nadu National Age group Champion
18. Abhishek A Kerala Indian school chess-Bronze medal
19. Mahitosh Dey Orissa  
20. Girish Koushik Karnataka Indian Junior Champion represented India in many tournaments
21. Mitrabha Guha West Bengal National Age group Champion
22. Nootakki Priyanka Andhra Pradesh National Age group Champion
23. CRG Krishna Andhra Pradesh Indian Junior Representation


  • As an Administrator:
  • Responsible for building up ONGC Chess Team, team has 18 National Champions under my control.
  • Lead the ONGC team which emerged winner 8 times in Petroleum Sports Promotion Board Tournaments and Won All India Public Sector Chess Championships. ( Pondicherry, Mangalore, Numaligarh,Mangalore,etc)
  • Organising Secretary for the All India Public Sector Badminton Tournament at Hyderabad.
  • In the year 2014 Organised Ace Tennis Player Vishnu Vardhans Summer Tennis camp at Rajahmundry.
  • Organised All India Golf Tournament at Rajahmundry
  • Local Coordinator of ONGC in the Society of Petroleum Geophysist (SPG)  International Conference at Hyderabad for Two times.


  • Players Identified and recruited by ONGC :

The following outstanding chess players have been identified by me and recruited by ONGC

Sl.No Name of the player Title Achieved by the player
1. Koneru Humpy International Grand Master & World No2 in Women
2. Vidit Gujarathi International Grand Master
3. S.P.Sethu Raman International Grand Master
4. Sandipan Chanda International Grand Master
5. Neelotpal Das International Grand Master
6. Deep Sen Gupta International Grand Master


  • Helped emulating the ONGC Sports Policy.
  • Assisted General Manager and Head sports ONGC in day to day administration of Cooperate Sports Division ONGC



  • Training Camps Organised:
  • In the year 2009 , organised a 12 day rigorous  training camp at Bangalore for ONGC Grand Masters and selected Budding Talents of India
  • Organised Summer Chess Camp for Children at New Delhi, Karaikal, Nazira, Baroda, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jorhat, Rajahmundry, for wards of ONGC employees and local budding talents under Catch Them Young
  • In the year 2011 , organised a 10 day rigorous  training camp at Hyderabad  for ONGC Grand Masters and selected Budding Talents of India
  • Organised Grand Master Training Camp by Russian coach Romanov for general preparation of the team and for World Championship preparation for Ms.Koneru Humpy
  • Organised Grand Master Training Camp by Russian coach Super Grand Master Alexee Dreev for Team Training
  • Organised All India Public Sector Chess Tournament at Baroda and PSPB Chess Tournament at Bharuch 2014 on behalf of Petronet LNG ltd.
  • Supervised the participation, Training, technical issues and Federation related matters of ONGC Chess team comprised of 9 recruited Chess Players and 12 ONGC scholarship talented Boys/Girls every year. All the players have been given regular training camps from 2003 to 2014 every year without break.

Sports officer –19th April, 1985 to 28th April, 1999


  • Developed from National Level to International Level Player
  • Worked directly under Senior Sports Officer and handled Sports Persons of participation in National and State level Events.
  • Captain of the NLC Team from 1985 to 1999



  • Specialised coachings given :

Trained Today’s outstanding players like Pendyala Harikrishna  and     produced nearly 5 National Champions in various categories like Lakshmi Sahithi, Yelamanchili Sandeep, Neyveli Karthik, P.Karthik etc, Asian U-8 champion G.V.Revanth Reddy. The training period lasted from One year to 2 years for each player.

  • Skill and abilities:
  • I believe that for the best to emerge the opponent should be challenging and so with my zeal to spread the game, I had played a pivotal role in organizing tournaments at various levels to generate interest among youngsters.
  • With the enthusiasm and zeal to promote the game of chess, I have been utilizing my experience and promoting the game to the best of my abilities by guiding and mentoring budding chess players as Mentor and Coach.
  • Much has been achieved but I am confident the best as mentor is about to come.

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