Online Coaching #1

Providing Online Coaching.

Using latest training software along with use of online chess playing center powered by high end international servers supported by technical team to handle thousands of online users and hundreds of students of the academy. This center provides a wide variety of continuing education courses and tutorials. These courses and tutorials will have enrollment user codes and automated coach direction as per the rating standard and will be given to students/members who enroll to complete the courses.

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One to One Coaching #2

Training as per the needs of the student

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Expert Coaches #3

Providing services to the hundreds of students from several countries from the year 2007

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Cyber Chess Academy is a pioneer and leader in Chess Coaching not only in Hyderabad but also in several parts of this World!.  Academy started functioning with high-quality state of the art systems and experienced trainers in Hyderabad.

Academy demonstrated the important role of a quality Chess Academy in providing Chess education , Coaching and playing opportunities for India’s diverse youth. Cyber Chess Academy is now widely regarded as one of the leading Chess Promoting organizations in the country.


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